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Interested in Joining the Spirits Executive?

By Sherry Rivers, 08/20/22, 7:15PM EDT


Submit your application by Wednesday, August 24th.

We are looking to fill volunteer executive positions for the 2022-2023 season! 

If you are interested in the available positions below, please submit the Executive Application 2022-2023  by Wednesday, August 24th.

Available Positions

House League Coordinator

  • Work with administrators to setup ads in late August, early September and arrange for publicity of registration. 

  • Prepare registration forms. 

  • Maintain on file, player insurance records and medical release. 

  • Receive registration forms from applicants and organize into folders for each individual age group and gender. 

  • Arrange for Insurance forms for Coaches and Executive Members.

  • Prepares House League schedules (consider select team’s playing slots, age groups, availability times, etc. 

  • Book availability time for House League with appropriate school boards.

  • Interface with Managers/Coaches to arrange gym time. 

  • Recruit, supervise and liaise with Coaches and Convenors with regards to Fair Play, Rules and Balancing of Teams. 

  • Obtain list of previous years Belleville Spirits house league players (where applicable) in order to balance teams. 

  • Ensure each team has a Coach, recruit if necessary. 

  • Ensure schedules are provided to teams at the Coaches Meeting. 

  • Order house league shirts in correspondence with Fundraising coordinator.

  • Coordinate the timing of the Coaches Meeting to distribute schedules, equipment, shirts, rules, fundraising, etc. 

  • Order trophies and awards, as approved by the Executive.

Facilities Scheduler

  • Divide gym up between rep teams and correspond with the house league teams coordinator.

  • Set practice schedule for the Spirits teams. Ensure each player has registered and that each coach has a list of all players in attendance. 

  • Work alongside Technical Coach of Coaches and Technical Coach of Players to determine needs of teams and coaches.

Equipment Manager

  • Obtain quotes for the Executive approval for purchase of basketballs and other equipment. 

  • Liaise with the custodial staff at each school (if necessary). 

  • Issue and collect from each team all basketball supplied equipment required for the season (game balls, pinnies, etc.) 

  • Secure from each team Coach or Manager, any requests for equipment replacement or first aid replenishment. 

  • Monitor and maintain the quality of all basketball equipment. 

  • Maintain an inventory of basketball equipment. 

  • Work with fundraising/sponsorship member to purchase printed shirts and issue to coaches at coaches meeting. 

  • Provide practice equipment to teams as necessary and ensure it’s collected at the end of the year. 

  • Distribute balls and collect returns at the end of the season. 

  • Determine status of Belleville Spirits uniform. If uniform purchase is required provide quotes for Executive approval prior to ordering. 

Home Tournament Liaison

  • Develop Tournament Committee Membership from parents of Belleville Spirits teams. 

  • Coordinate advertisement of tournaments. 

  • Coordinate gym time with Scheduler. 

  • Set up Tournament Convenors. 

  • Coordinate the registration. 

  • Arrange for the officials. 

  • Coordinate the awards.

Social Media & Website Manager

  • Maintain Belleville Spirits website and social media accounts including posting of schedules, registrations, tryouts, team news and other items of interest to the Belleville Spirits community. 

  • Respond to online inquiries in a timely manner or forward them to the correct person.

Vice President

  • Perform the duties of the President in their absence. 

  • Assist the President with all organizational activities.

  • Supports Belleville Spirits and their activities as required.